Wiki2Touch - A Wikipedia offline reader for the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch

New images from the 2012 version. I've restarted development. See my blog for more informations.

Wiki2Touch is no more bound to safari. It's a stand-alone app.

And it's running with a different layout on the iPad as well.

Screenshoots of version 0.65

Wiki2Touch is multilangual. You even can install several languages at the same time. I'm using the German edition so there are only German screenshots.

This is the home screen of my iPhone. As I used to use a MacBook Pro I've changed the icons on my iPhone to the more familiar ones from Leopard.

The Wiki2Touch Icon is in the upper left corner.

Wiki2Touch is in fact a small webserver and this is the settings page.

Use the "Launch Browser" button to start Mobile Safari and to search for subjects.

This is the home page of Wiki2Touch. If you click on the globe a random article is displayed.

What's easier than to use a Wiki for the build-in help? Including images of course.

Once you've started typing in a search phrase you get immediately a list of suggestions. Simply click on an entry to display the article.

Very important is the support for templates. In the above example you see the infobox for elements. A reader which didn't support templates will not display the nice table with all the important informations.

Sometimes it's better to rotate the screen. Again you see an infobox created by templates. This time with a picture inside.

Most of the contents of the header of this page is simply calculated by the name of the page: 1968

In case you need some more information about the device your holding at your hands.

Just another nice infobox on the right site of the page.

Not only the information at the top of the page is usefull, thead bottom has some treasures, too.

One of my favorites in the last time

No templates.

Templates enabled.

Guess what I mean with "template support"? The screenshot on the left has templates disabled, while the one on the right has enabled them. So spot the difference and why the effort is usefull.